what you give is what you get

sometimes i really wish i had more. more quiet time, more money, more space around me.  most nights i sit on my bed and there are at least 2 and often 3 children surrounding me.  usually a cat or even a dog joins us.  always up against me.  always around me.  always talking, asking, needing – something!

what would it be like to complete a thought?  to finish an idea?  to have time to create an intricate anything??

well i guess i would be surrounded by lovely things…THINGS.  color, designs, peace, tidiness.  music.  smells.

i have traded that for the music of voices.  the smell of burnt food, dog poop, mouse cage, dirty feet, teenage boy sweat and toothpaste when i am kissed by a happy child. clutter…glorious chaos!  the color and design of clean and dirty clothes piled up around me, shoes in piles by the door, groceries stacked on the table, school books leaning against the wall.

tonight i am at peace.  i have what i have always wanted.  its what i get because its what i give.  wonderfully messy love.


~ by kate on August 30, 2010.

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