what is SAFE today?   i FEEL safe at this moment.  but i do know that more will happen and is about to happen that has the potential to crush me terribly.

so what do i do? run from this place of safety today since i know that it will not always be this way?  or can i just enjoy the moment?  is it good to just enjoy this island in the storm?

i am full of questions.  the questions asked make me start to feel unsafe.  so should i ignore the questions?

i started this post in december 2010.  2 weeks later a crushing storm DID hit me.  i was rocked to the depths of my soul….AGAIN.   i really was feeling at rest in a way i have not in many years.  i wanted it to stay that way.  for just a bit longer.  but it didn’t.  and so.  here i am again.  ripped apart –  a raw nerve longing for cover.  vulnerable.  exposed.

YOU are my rock – my hiding place.  i long to bury myself in Your chest and cry.



~ by kate on March 4, 2011.

One Response to “safe”

  1. I too have felt this way, but to run is just to find yourself under a new rock. Make of this day what rainbows you can find.

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